Dog Transfers

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Here you can buy quality t-shirts with over 400 different cool and trendy DOG designs, dog transfers.

The t-shirts are available in sizes from 9-11 years up to XXL, in light grey. The sizes are not oversize, but exact. If you are unsure, order a size larger.

The image lasts for years if you wash them inside out and at a temperature of not more than 40 degrees C. No bleach and no ironing. We have met many customers with three year old garments that are still excellent!

Prices are as low as is possible using top quality t-shirts and transfers. A printed t-shirt costs

SEK 129. Freight and packing is included in the price.

No other hidden costs.

We chip world wide as a first class letter.

Delivery is about 1 week. We print and pack your t-shirts in 2 days. Post takes 2-3 days in Europe, approx. 10 days to the rest of the world.

You will find T-shirts with Dinosaur designs at our other site:

We print with clear quality colours.

Certain designs are printed with puff printning.

These are relief colours so you can feel the

scales on Tyrannosaurus Rex.

The designs are of superlative quality, it is not

possible to show the guality of the colours here as the pictures would be 1MB in size and take 30 minutes

to load.

The reproduction here on the web does not

come anywhere near to the actual reproduction.

The t-shirts are of high quality and light grey

This mainly site is owned by Dog Security Sweden AB. Located in Malmoe … in southern Sweden … we develop and manufacture high-quality dog training items … and sell to police departments, security businesses, and the military. We also support the needs of professionals, pet shops, and dog training clubs, etc.

We manufacture some of the highest quality training equipment in the world, and the world’s best working dog of all times, the Swedish German Shepherd Silverpilens Arko (see Guinness Book of Records) uses our equipment.

The main supplier for the Swedish police, Swedish military and Swedish Security companies, we also sell to the finest dog-related organizations.

Our company invents many dog training products and has many Swedish and international patent and pattern registrations. The world’s strongest leather leads are manufactured here in Malmoe.

Dog Security Sweden AB developed this site to showcase our beautiful and popular Dog T-shirts. The price is right, you can use your credit card, and your t-shirts is mailed as first class letter, ensuring fast delivery dog transfers..